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Archive - Volume 50

How Secondary Agricultural Education Teachers Describe Their Work
Jennifer A. Delnero and William G. Weeks

Higher-Order Thinking Versus Lower-Order Thinking Skills: Does School-Day Scheduling Pattern Influence Achievement at Different Levels of Learning?
M. Craig Edwards and Gary Briers

An Assessment of Agricultural Mechanics Course Requirements in Agriculture Teacher Education Programs in the United States
Daniel J. Hubert and James Leising

Cognitive Innovativeness as a Predictor of Student Attitudes and Intent: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Technology Delivered Instruction
Tracy Irani and Michelle O'Malley

A Case Study of Student Satisfaction and Interaction in a Distance Education Course
Kathleen Dodge Kelsey

A Case Study of Barriers to Interaction in Distance Education
Kathleen Dodge Kelsey and H. Dean Sutphin

An Assessment of Pennsylvania Secondary Agriculture Teachers' Perceptions of and Use of the Internet
K. Dale Layfield, Rama B. Radhakrishna, and Dennis C. Scanlon

Self-Perceived Leadership Skills of Students in a Leadership Program in an Agriculture Course
K. Dale Layfield and Rama B. Radhakrishna

Student Perceptions toward Case Based Instruction Delivered Via the World Wide Web
Nanna O. Nti

Effects of Level of Openness in Agriscience Experiments on Student Achievement and Science Process Skill Development
Edward W. Osborne

Use of the Internet in Georgia's Agricultural Education Programs
Joseph D. Peckham and Maynard J. Iverson

Macro and Micro Level Challenges to Program Evaluation and Accountability
Rama Radhadrishna and Sherry Smith

Framework to Identify In-service Training Needs of Extension Agents
Rama Radhakrishna

Congressional District Agricultural Schools Land-Grants at the Secondary Level
Cathy M. Sutphin and John Hillison

Agriculture Students' Academic Achievement, Attitudes Toward Paperless Exams, Computer Anxiety, Computing Attitudes and Learning Styles
Gary J. Wingenbach

Validation of the Perceived Benefits of Competitive Livestock Exhibition by Texas 4-H Members: A Qualitative Study
Chad Davis, Lance Kieth, Kevin Williams and Steve Fraze

Problems Faced by Beginning Agricultural Teachers Preparing for Leadership Development Events and Career Developments
Tim Flanagan, Lance Kieth, and Jacqui Lockaby

Dimensions of Critical Thinking
Rick D. Rudd and Matt T. Baker

Part-Time Farming Activities Conducted by Teachers of Young Farmers in Georgia
Joey S. Wells and Maynard J. Iverson

An Assessment of Student Agricultural Literacy Knowledge Based on the Food and Fiber System Literacy Framework
James G. Leising, Sebern L. Pense and Carl Igo

Administrator Satisfaction with First-Year Agriculture Teachers
William G. Weeks and Robert Terry, Jr.

Impact of a Professional Development Workshop on the Teaching of a Secondary Course in Agricultural Communications and Leadership
William G. Weeks

FFA Status of Selected Agricultural Education Enrollees in Oklahoma
Julie Baggett-Harlin and William G. Weeks

Use of Distance Learning Technology to Teach a Multidisciplinary Course: Phytochemical in Fruits and Vegetables
Kim E. Dooley, Bhimanagouda S. Patil and R. Daniel Lineberger

The Attitudes and Perceptions of High School Administrators Toward Agricultural Science Teachers in Texas
Michelle Hinkson and Lance Kieth

Comparison of Primary vs. Supplement Delivery of Instruction Via the World Wide Web in an Undergraduate Agricultural Communication Course: Effects on Achievement and Attitude
Eloise Gena Roberts and Matt Raven

Leadership Styles of Florida's County Extension Directors
Rick D. Rudd and Amy Sullivan

Evaluation of the Florida Leadership Program for Agriculture and Natural Resources
Hannah Carter and Rick D. Rudd

Poster Session

Notes from the AAAE Poster Session Chair
William G. Weeks

Biotechnology and Agriscience Research Course and Curriculum Development
Elizabeth B. Wilson

Team Work
Donna L. Cummings

Using Real Cases for Instruction
Donna L. Grahm

Perceptions of Agribusiness Management and Marketing of Texas Agriculture Teachers
Doug Ullrich and Roger Hanagriff

Texas Partner for a Safer Community
Doug Ullrich and Dan Hubert

Texas Junior FFA Leadership Conference
Doug Ullrich and Carl G. Igo

More Power!!! [grunt, grunt] Another Tool for the Pre-Service Toolbox
Edward Franklin

Integrating Animal Science Courses in High School Agricultural Education Programs in North Carolina
Jerry D. Gibson, Steve Matthis and Lanny Hass

Whose Reality Counts? Professional Development Needs of State Extension Specialists
Matt Baker, Tina Allen, Olanda Bat, Heisel Villalobos and Carl Pomeroy

Maximizing the Domestic Benefit and Impact of International Extension Involvement
Nick T. Place


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