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Archive - Volume 52

Characteristics of the Turfgrass Industry in 2020: A Delphi Study with Implications for Agricultural Education Programs
Dr. Eddie Seagle, Dr Maynard Iverson, University of Georgia

Loss, Retention and Recruitment of Junior Market Livestock Sale Buyers in the State of Colorado: Factors that Contribute to Retention and Loss
Jacklyn A. Bruce, Texas A&M University

Achievement, Affiliation and Power Needs of Georgia's Middle Grade Agricultural Education Students
Frederick R. Rohs, University of Georgia; Kimberly Anderson, Iowa FFA Association; Maynard J. Iverson, University of Georgia

Internet and Paper Based Data Collection Methods in Agricultural Education Research
M. Damon Ladner, New Albany Vocational Center; Gary J. Wingenbach, Texas A&M University; Matt R. Raven, Mississippi State University

Important Issues Facing Agriculture in Oklahoma: An Analysis of Agricultural Leaders' Perspectives
Kathleen De. Kelsey, William Weeks, Robert Terry, Sr., Oklahoma State University

Texas Agri-Science Teachers' Attitude Toward and Stage of Adoption of the Internet
Steve Fraze, Davin Fraze, Texas Tech University; Lance Kieth, West Texas A&M University; Matt Baker, Texas Tech University

Teachers' Perceptions of Factors Affecting the Information Technology Workforce in Mississippi
Kirk A. Swortzel, Mississippi State University; Gary J. Wingenbach, Texas A&M University; Jacquelyn P. Deeds, Walter N. Taylor, Mississippi State University

A Case Study of Stakeholder Needs for Extension Education
Kathleen D. Kelsey, S. Christian Mariger, Oklahoma State University

Assessment of an Asynchronous Leadership Learning Activity from the Perspective of Students
Theresa Murphrey, Barry Boyd, Texas A&M University

A Comparison of Traditional and Computer-Based Agriscience Instruction for Secondary Courses in Mississippi
Farrah L. Johnson, Deltona High School; Jacquelyn P. Deeds, Mississippi State University


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