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Archive - Volume 53

A Qualitative Analysis of Partners in Progress: Wheat Research at OSU
Jefferson D. Miller, University of Arkansas

A Quasi-Experiment of a Residential Learning Community for College of Agriculture Freshmen
Kathleen D. Kelsey and Alison Sexten, Oklahoma State University

AAAE Members’ Computer Technology Assessment
Gary J. Wingenbach, Texas A&M University; M. Damon Ladner, New Albany Vocational Center; Michael E. Newman and Matt R. Raven, Mississippi State University

Determining the Research, Education, and Extension Needs of Oklahoma Wheat Producers
S. Christian Mariger and Kathleen D. Kelsey, Oklahoma State University

The Effect of Instructional Delivery Methods on the Critical Thinking Disposition of Distance Learners and Traditional On-campus Learners
John C. Ricketts, Tracy Irani, and Laikhe Jones, University of Florida

The Relationship of Selected Teacher and Program Characteristics to Technology Adoption in Agriscience Education Programs
Joe W. Kotrlik, Donna H. Redmann, Bruce B. Douglas, Louisiana State University

A Comparison of On-Campus and Distance Students Progress Through an Asynchronously Delivered Web-Based Course
James R. Lindner, James W. Hynes, Tim H. Murphy, Kim E. Dooley, Texas A&M University; and James A. Buford, Jr., Auburn University

Disengaged Farmers: The Land Grant System's Overlooked Clientele
S. Christian Mariger and Kathleen D. Kelsey, Oklahoma State University

An Assessment of Agricultural Education Faculty Perceptions Toward Compensation Levels and Practices
Aaron-Marie B. Wicks and James R. Lindner, Texas A&M University

Undergraduate Agriculture Student Critical Thinking Abilities and Anticipated Career Goals: Is There a Relationship?
Rick D. Rudd, Lori L. Moore, University of Florida

A Correlational Analysis Of Instructional Technology Characteristics In North Carolina And Virginia Secondary Agricultural Education Curricula
Dr. Antoine J. Alston, North Carolina A&T State University; Dr. William Wade Miller, Iowa State University; Dr. Chanda D. Elbert, Texas A&M University

A Comparison of Inservice Needs of Middle and High School Agriculture Teachers
T. Grady Roberts and James E. Dyer, University of Florida

Integrating Adult Learning into Extension: Identifying Importance and Possession of Adult Education Competencies Among County Extension Faculty
Tracy Irani, and Nick T. Place University of Florida

A Comparison of Behaviorist and Constructivist-Based Teaching Methods in Psychomotor Instruction
Bree Melton, Alissa Zience, Sarah Leonard, Evan Pick, Lynn Thomasson, William G. Camp, Thomas W. Broyles, Virginia Tech University.

A Follow-Up Evaluation of Governor’s Institute for Agricultural Sciences
Rama B. Radhakrishna, Dennis Scanlon, Tiffany Roberson Hoy, Pennsylvania State University

Identifying Informational Sources and Educational Delivery Methods For Private Landowners
Rama B. Radhakrishna, Pennsylvania State University, Larry Nelson, Robert Franklin, George Kessler, Clemson University

Change In Knowledge And Practices As A Result Of Adults’ Participation In The Texas A&M Ranch To Rail Program
Mark J. Kistler, Texas Tech University, Gary E. Briers, Texas A&M University

Freshmen In Transition: A Second Year Evaluation to Determine the Program’s Impacts on Academic Achievement, Leadership Skills Development, Institutional Loyalty and Integration, and Retention
Alan Josin D’souza, Kathleen Kelsey, Oklahoma State University

An Examination of Agricultural and Science Educators’ Attitudes Towards the Use of Biotechnology
Elizabeth Wilson, North Carolina State University

Advising Components, Roles, and Perceived Level of Competence of University Faculty
Brian E. Myers, James E. Dyer, University of Florida

The Relationship Between Teacher Burnout And Student Misbehavior
Barry Croom, Gary E. Moore, North Carolina State University

Attitudes of Mississippi Secondary Agricultural Science and Biology/Business Students Toward Information Technology
Kirk A. Swortzel, Gary B. Jackson, Walter N. Taylor, Jacquelyn P. Deeds, Mississippi State University


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