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Archive - Volume 55

The Effects of Multimedia Cues on Student Cognition in an Electronically Delivered High School Unit of Instruction
Todd Brashears, Cindy Akers, James Smith, Texas Tech University

Relationships between Student Achievement and Levels of Technology Integration by Texas AgriScience Teachers
Jason B. Peake, The University of Georgia; Gary Briers, Tim Murphy, Texas A&M University

A Comparison of Commonwealth Accountability Standardized Test Scores Between High School Agricultural Education/Career and
Technical Education Students and the Kentucky State Standards

Catherine Woglom, Brian Parr, Jay Morgan, Murray State University

Teacher Preparation and In-Service Needs Associated With Management of the Total Program of Agricultural Education in Georgia
John C. Ricketts, Dennis W. Duncan, Jason B. Peake, John Uesseler, University of Georgia

A Profile of Cooperating Teachers and Centers in Oklahoma: Implications for the Student Teaching Experience in Agricultural Education
R. Brent Young, M. Craig Edwards, Oklahoma State University

Coverage and Outcomes of the Space Agriculture in the Classroom Curriculum
Glenn D. Israel, Jennifer M. Richardson, Edward W. Osborne, Shannon G. Washburn, James E. Dyer, University of Florida

Extension Agents’ Perceptions of Fundamental Job Characteristics and Their Level of Job Satisfaction
Meagan Scott, Kirk A. Swortzel, Walter N. Taylor, Mississippi State University

The Relationships Between Selected Demographic Factors and the Level of Job Satisfaction of Extension Agents
Meagan Scott, Kirk A. Swortzel, Walter N. Taylor, Mississippi State University

Characteristics of Creative County Extension Programs in Texas: Comparison of Administrative Perceptions to Observations in Identified Creative Programs
Michael Womack, Texas Cooperative Extension

Student Demographics, Extracurricular Participation and Safety Education of Students Participating in the 2003 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Agricultural Mechanics Project Show
Doug Ullrich, Dwayne Pavelock, Joe Muller, Billy Harrell, Sam Houston State University

Correlational and Predictive Attributes of Demographic Factors and Their Relationship to Hispanic Participation in Texas Extension Programs
Ruben J. Saldaña, Texas Cooperative Extension; David Lawver, Texas Tech University; James Lindner, Scott Cummings, Texas A&M University; Hansel Burley, Marvin Cepica, Texas Tech University

The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Leadership Potential in an Agricultural Leadership Program
Leah Wall, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension; Timothy J. Pettibone, Kathleen D. Kelsay, Oklahoma State University


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