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Archive - Volume 56

The Agricultural Literacy of Urban/Suburban and Rural Twelfth Grade Students in Five Illinois High Schools: As Ex Post Facto Study
Seburn L. Pense, Southern Illinois University; Jessica D. Beebe, Kansas State University;
James G. Leising, Oklahoma State University; Dexter B. Wakefield, Southern Illinois University; Richard W. Steffen, Illinois State University

An Investigation of the Critical Thinking Ability of Secondary Agriculture Students
Scott Burris, Texas Tech University; Bryan L. Garton, University of Missouri

Experiential Learning in Secondary Agricultural Education Classrooms
Shannon Arnold, Wendy J. Warner, Edward W. Osborne, University of Florida

Factors Influencing Public School Administrators’ Hiring Practices of Agricultural Education Teachers
William G. Weeks, Oklahoma State University

Female Agricultural Educators in Georgia
John C. Ricketts, University of Georgia; Rhonda Stone, Coffee County High School; Elaine Adams, University of Georgia

Perceived Differences, By Gender, in Student Teacher – Cooperating Teacher Interactions
Tracy Kitchel, University of Kentucky

Graduate Fellows in the Classroom: Middle School Students’ Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics Beliefs and Interests
Shannon H. Degenhart, Gary J. Wingenbach, Diana L. Mowen, James R. Lindner, Larry Johnson, Texas A&M University

Important Elements of the Student Teaching Experience in Agricultural Education: A Comparison of Cooperating Teachers and Student Teachers’ Perceptions
R. Brent Young, North Dakota State University; M. Craig Edwards, Oklahoma State University

In-Service Delivery: Methods Preferred by Georgia Agriculture Teachers
John Uesseler, Luella High School; John C. Ricketts, Dennis W. Duncan, Jason B. Peake, University of Georgia

Sources for Learning About Information Technology Careers and Personal Influences on the Use of Informational Technologies of High School Students: A Longitudinal Trend Study
Kirk A. Swortzel, Jacquelyn P. Deeds, Walter N. Taylor, Mississippi State University

The Use and Design of Laboratory Instruction in Secondary Agriscience Classrooms
Wendy J. Warner, California Polytechnic State University; Shannon Arnold, University of Florida; David W.W. Jones, North Carolina State University; Brian E. Myers, University of Florida

Factors Influencing Gifted and Talented Students’ College Decisions
John Cannon, University of Rio Grande; Thomas W. Broyles, Virginia Tech

Leadership Context and Role of Rural FFA Members in the Southern Region
Robin Horstmeier, University of Kentucky

Leadership Expectations of County Farm Bureau Board Members
Hannah S. Carter, Rick D. Rudd, University of Florida

Assessment of References to Agriculture in a Middle Grade Science Textbook
Marshall Swafford, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Robert Terry Jr., University of Missouri-Columbia

Attitudes of Secondary Agricultural Science and Biology/Business Students Toward Information Technology: A Longitudinal Trend Study
Kirk A. Swortzel, Jacquelyn P. Deeds, Walter N. Taylor, Mississippi State University


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