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Archive - Volume 57

The Relationship Between Student Demographic Variables and Performance in a National FFA Career Development Event
John Rayfield, North Carolina State University; Steve Fraze, Todd Brashears, David Lawver, Texas Tech University

Preparation Level and Mentorship Experiences of Kentucky Beginning Agricultural Education Teachers
Robin Peiter Horstmeier, University of Kentucky; Jay A. Morgan, Murray State University

Selected Potential Employers' Assessment of Competencies Taught in the D.E. King Equine Program at the University of Arkansas

Kathi S. Jogan, Don R. Herring, University of Arkansas

Perceptions of Important Competencies for Early-Career and Established 4-H Agents
Amy Harder, University of Florida; Kim E. Dooley, Texas A&M University

Assessing Mississippi AEST Teachers' Capacity for Teaching Science Integrated Process Skills

Rebecca L. Hamilton, Mississippi State University Extension Service; Kirk A. Swortzel, Mississippi State University

Successful Characteristics in State 4-H Foundation Fundraising
J. Brad Davis, University of Arkansas; Steve D. Fraze, Texas Tech University; T. Andy Vestal, Texas A&M University and Texas Cooperative Extension; Barry Boyd, Texas A&M University; Cindy Akers, Norman Hopper, Texas Tech University; Ron Howard, Texas Cooperative Extension; Karen Ballard, University of Arkansas

Effects of an Introductory Agricultural Education Course on Agricultural Literacy and Perceptions of Agriculture in Urban Students
J. Reidel, E. Wilson, J. Flowers, G. Moore, North Carolina State University

Identifying the Employability Skills Needed in the Workplace According to Supervisors of College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Graduates
J. Shane Robinson, Oklahoma State University; Bryan L. Garton, Robert Terry, Jr., University of Missouri

An Exploratory Educational Needs Assessment of E. Coli 0157:H7 Knowledge Held by Petting Zoo Participants
Todd Brashears, Moriah Jennings Beyers, Texas Tech University; John Rayfield, North Carolina State University; Cindy Akers, Mindy Brashears, Texas Tech University


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