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Identifying the Teaching Effectiveness of School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers Who Aim to Increase their Human Capital, Christopher J. Eck


A Philosophical Perspective Revisiting Teaching “In” and “About” Agriculture, Blake C. Colclasure, Brianna Stanholtzer, Andrew C. Thoron, R. Kirby Barrick

Everyday People in Agriculture: Our Voices, Our Concerns, Our Issues, Chastity Warren English, Ph.D.

Implications of Pandemic Responses for Extension Education and Outreach, Samuel Quinney, Grace Greene, Christopher J. Eck, K. Dale Layfield, Thomas Dobbins

Investigating Science Efficacy Before and After a Professional Development Program focused on Genetics, Muscle Biology, Microbiology, and Nutrition, Jesse Bower, Bryan A. Reiling, Nathan W. Conner, Christopher T. Stripling, Matthew S. Kreifels, Mark A. Balschweid

Does Experiential Learning Improve Student Performance in an Introductory Animal Science Course? Eric D. Rubenstein, Savannah R. White, James D. Scott, C. Robert Dove, T. Dean Pringle

Technical Professional Development Needs of Agricultural Education Teachers in the Southeastern United States by Career Pathway, D. Barry Croom, Ashley M. Yopp, Don Edgar, Richie Roberts, Carla Jagger, Chris Clemons, Jason McKibben, O.P. McCubbins, Jill Wagner

How do Animal Science Standards Align: A Comparison of South Carolina Standards to AFNR Standards, Kayla N. Marsh, Christopher J. Eck, K. Dale Layfield

Investigating the Effects of Cognitive Style on the Small Gasoline Engines Content Knowledge of Undergraduate Students in a Flipped Introductory Agricultural Mechanics Course at Louisiana State University, Whitney F. Figland, J. Joey Blackburn, Kristin S. Stair, Michael F. Burnett

Agricultural Entrepreneur Involvement of Eight Botswana Women: A Qualitative Study, Carrie Stephens, Haley Kelso, Sharon Jean-Phillippe, Jennifer Richards, Natalie Bumgarner, Liz Eckelkamp, Shelli Rampold, Neal Eash, Brent Lamons

Perceived Readiness of First Year Agriculture Teachers to Teach Low Socioeconomic Students, Rachelle Staehr, Nathan Conner, Bryan Reiling, Taylor Ruth, Jacob Goldfuss

Effectiveness of Online Program Engagement for 4-H Members during Covid-19 Pandemic, Lauren B. Hood, Christopher J. Eck, K. Dale Layfield, Joseph L. Donaldson

Determining the Needs of School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers in Oklahoma, Kayla N. Marsh, Kris R. L. Rankin, Christopher J. Eck, Nathan A. Smith

Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of their Ability to Use The AET as a Data Management System, Tyler J. Price, Emily O. Manuel, Emily A. Sewell, J. Shane Robinson

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