Follow these guidelines to help your manuscript progress through the review process.

JSAER requires you to submit two separate files. The cover page will contain all identifying information and be uploaded separate from the blinded manuscript. Do not include any author names or other identifiers in the manuscript.

If you would rather download the submission guidelines than view them on this site, please do so here. All of the information on this page is identical to the linked PDF document.

Cover Page:
Give us some information about your document.

Cover pages should include the following elements:

  1. Title of manuscript
  2. Author(s), affiliation(s), and contact information
  3. Type of research*
  4. Research area most closely tied to the manuscript**

*Type of Research Options:

  • Quantitative,
  • Qualitative,
  • Historical, OR
  • Philosophical

**Research Area Options:

  • Ag. Communications,
  • Ag. Leadership,
  • Ag. Literacy,
  • Extension Education,
  • Teacher Education and School-Based Ag. Education, OR
  • Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Programs

Follow these guidelines for your full manuscript.

  • Center the bolded title of your manuscript on the top of the first page. Capitalize only first letters of words in the title. Do not include a running head.
  • The abstract (maximum 300 words) should immediately follow the title in italics.
  • Suggested sections include the Introduction/Theoretical Framework, Purpose(s)/Objective(s), Methods/Procedures, Results/Findings, Conclusions/Recommendations/Implications, and References.
  • Use the “table” function command of MS Word to prepare tables.
  • Place tables and/or figures within the body of the paper, “shortly” after their first mention in-text.
  • Limit the manuscript to 12 pages (title, abstract, tables/figures, and all “prose”). References are not included in the 12 pages.
  • Use “insert, page numbers” command of MS Word to number all pages, including first page. Center numbers at the bottom of the page. Do not use other footers, headers, or footnotes.

Double check the format before you submit!

Be sure both documents are created in the latest version of Microsoft Word.

Use Times or Times New Roman, 12 font.

All margins should be set to 1 inch.

Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.), except as modified above. Italicize names of journals, statistical symbols, titles of tables, etc. as per APA. Do not use the underline feature in above areas; turn off hyperlinks of URL references.

Upload your document.

Email both Word documents (cover page and blinded manuscript) in a single email to Dr. Richie Roberts, If you do not receive a confirmation within 72 hours, please call 225-578-7892.

JSAER works on a rolling submission throughout the year. Submissions for the current volume will close in November in order to allow for completion of the volume by the end of the year. All submissions received after the closing date will be reviewed for publication in the following year and subsequent volume.

You've submitted the manuscript. What next?

Dr. Eric Rubenstein will send a confirmation email within 72 hours.

Your document will then go through a double-blind review process. Following the reviews, you will be notified of your document’s status.

Accepted and finalized manuscripts will be immediately published for dissemination. The issue will be closed and finalized at the end of the calendar year or earlier, based on the number of accepted articles.